1) Which of your current endeavors are you most passionate about?

Showing Immersive Education (iED) to teachers and trainers who haven't seen or used these exciting technologies before. Even after more than two decades of growth many educators haven't had hands-on experience with virtual worlds, learning games and simulations (not to mention full, augmented or mixed reality). The best part of my day is introducing these iED technologies to someone who hasn't used them before, and watching that "wow" moment when they suddenly connect the dots and start to imagine how they will use them.

2) Who inspires you these days?

Elementary school students. Immersive Education began in higher education, and has been used by colleges and universities for years, but elementary schools and high schools are just getting started. It's exciting to be part of. I'm inspired by the children who -- without any formal training -- are building rich immersive environments that many adults can't create.

3) Imagine a world unconstrained by bandwidth. How would it change what you do and the people you serve?

A world unconstrained by bandwidth changes the game for Immersive Education by enabling incredibly detailed and comprehensive virtual worlds, learning games, simulations, CAVES and domes that simply aren't possible otherwise. Unconstrained bandwidth, when coupled with adequate computing power, makes it possible for Immersive Education to truly give participants the sense of "being there" even when attending a class or training session in person isn't possible, practical, or desirable, which in turn provides educators and students with the ability to connect and communicate in a way that greatly enhances the learning experience.

4) How would you describe what you do?

The majority of my time is spent directing the day-to-day activities of the Immersive Education Initiative, which increasingly involves helping our new iED Chapters form and launch. In a very practical sense the work I do guides the organization as it continues to grow in the United States and internationally, which is personally and professionally gratifying.

5) How can Internet2 K20 members get involved?

We are building a new portal specifically for Internet2 K20 members so that anyone connected to Internet2 can start using an array of freely available Immersive Education virtual worlds, learning games and simulations. If you'd like early access to the iED Internet2 portal, or have immersive learning environments that you'd like to contribute to the portal, please contact me (through http://ImmersiveEducation.org) or James Werle.

Project & Leaders: 
Aaron Walsh