There are many ways you can reap the benefits of being part of the R&E networking community.  Advanced connectivity is just the begining!  You can also access a the vast "network of people" willing to share a wealth of expertise, experiences, and resources enabled by the advanced networking infrastructure.  The Internet2 Muse site is designed to help you connect, discover, share, and create with others in the R&E network enabled community!


Find Collaborators:  You can search for people with similar interests or find organziations you'd like to collaborate with.


Join an Interest Group:  This is where people can gather together to collaborate around a common interest or theme.   Interest group participation can be open to everyone or restricted to a specified group of people.  Interest groups can also have specific projects or events associated with them.  If you don't see an a specific interest group you'd like, feel free to create one!


Participate in a Project:   Projects are where people come together to do things using advanced R&E networks!  Perhaps its organizing a series of HD videoconferencing program between Presidential Libraries and K12 schools.  Maybe you want to encourage teachers and students of all ages to explore the use of an advanced network enabled undersea observatory.  The possibilities are endless!  


Participate in Events:   Maybe you want to organize a webinar or a virtual team meeting as part of a particular project or interest group.  Maybe you'd like to let everyone know about an upcoming videoconferencing program or webcast?  Create and event and invite folks with similar interests to participate!