Patrick Clemins | Video conferencing
Users of the Learning Network of Vermont
Jennifer Oxenford | Other (specify)
Test group for the International collaboration series group. Created by Jennifer. 
James Werle | Other (specify)
This group is exploring uses for newly available unlicensed spectrum called White Space to support remote library and school wifi hotspots in their communities.   Visit the Gigabit Libraries Network page for details on the open call to participate.
Site Admin | Immersive environments
This working group will collaborate to expand and enhance interactive education and outreach partnerships with National Park Services sites across the broader K20 community via advanced networking. The group consists of innovators who have already...
James Werle | Classroom collaboration
“K­‐20 Librarians” can become the connective tissue of a new national education continuum where all institutions of learning can function more as an integrated whole to serve the needs of each learner at any level of accomplishment across any...